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We are now accepting full-service landscape maintenance clients!

We offer lawn, landscaping, and outdoor living services to residential, commercial, and governmental properties in Alexandria, VA.

Our services include fertilization, weed control, patio construction, landscape lighting, and more.

Alexandria, VA, is a city that sits along the Potomac River south of Arlington, with just over 154,700 people calling it home. Founded in 1749, this area has a rich history that is still a part of it today. For example, Old Town still boasts charming cobblestone streets, brick sidewalks, and historic buildings, though it also has numerous boutiques and restaurants for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. You can also admire art at the Torpedo Factory Art Center and spend a beautiful day outside at one of the many parks here, including Huntley Meadows Park, Oronoco Bay Park, and Jones Point Park.

Here at J&J Landscape Management, we're thrilled to provide lawn, landscaping, and outdoor living services to residential, commercial, and governmental properties in Alexandria, VA. Our team can bolster your lawn's health with fertilization and weed control, transform your outdoor space by constructing patios and other hardscapes, illuminate it with lighting, and maintain your landscape.

Our Landscaping Services

If you want to take your property in Alexandria, VA, from ordinary to extraordinary, then our landscaping services are just what you need. We can renovate your landscape beds or install new ones, then fill them with gorgeous plants and annual flowers for pops of color. Additionally, our team can care for your ornamental trees and shrubs that are 10 feet tall or less so they stay healthy and beautiful, plus install mulch in your landscape beds for a finishing touch. From installing a new lawn and designing your dream landscape to illuminating your outdoor space at night - you can rely on us for all these and more. Our landscaping services are as follows:

Our Outdoor Living Services

We can design and build various hardscapes to add beauty and function to your outdoor space in Alexandria, VA! We use high-quality materials to ensure they stand the test of time and follow meticulous installation processes to yield the best results. A patio is just what you need for a central gathering spot, which we can construct from pavers, natural stone, or flagstone. Our crew can also install walkways and outdoor steps to make it easier and safer to navigate between different areas, a retaining wall to turn sloped land into flat, usable space, and a seating wall to provide durable, built-in places to sit. Not only that, but we can even install a wood or gas-burning fire pit and custom outdoor kitchen! We offer the following outdoor living services in Alexandria:

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Your lawn needs consistent care throughout the year to stay healthy and vibrant. Fortunately, that's where our lawn care services come in! We will nurture your grass by providing essential nutrients while protecting it from weeds, diseases, and insects. We can also perform aeration and overseeding to improve resource access to your turf's roots and make it thicker. Meanwhile, we provide maintenance services to keep your property manicured and pristine, including lawn mowing, leaf removal, and yard cleanups in the spring and fall. Below are all the lawn care and maintenance services we offer:

Our lawn care and maintenance services are available as part of our annual lawn maintenance program to meet all your needs!

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At J&J Landscape Management, we proudly offer expert lawn, landscaping, and outdoor living services to residential, commercial, and governmental properties in Alexandria, VA. Whether you need help designing your landscape, installing hardscapes, or keeping your lawn healthy and vibrant - we have you covered. Call us today at (703) 823-2725 to schedule any of our services.

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