Flagstone walkways, steps, and driveway.

J&J Landscape Management offers countless hardscape design and installation options for your property. One of our favorite materials to work with is natural flagstone.
There are many advantages to using Flagstone; it guarantees the individuality of your projects, it provides a rich, natural look to your landscape or hardscape, and it is a durable and low maintenance material. Flagstone is a great option for walkways, patios, or fire pits and there are multiple installation options to choose from.


Because Flagstone is a natural product, each piece is unique. Flagstone can be cut into dimensional or symmetrical pieces or used in its natural form. We refer to these options as ‘dimensional’ or ‘irregular’ flagstone. Both options can be used to create beautiful hardscapes that will complement your outdoor living spaces. In addition to the shape of each stone, there are hundreds of variations in color and texture to choose from. Flagstone is quarried in many different parts of the country, making each piece unique. The options are virtually endless. Contact us today to we’ll go over your options for complimenting your outdoor living spaces with flagstone.

Informal/ Formal:

Design options for flagstone are endless. We have helped our clients dream and implement amazing walkways, seating areas, patiosfire pits and much more with this great material. Two of the styles in which flagstone can be used are in formal and informal designs. Generally dimensional flagstone is used when a more formal look is desired and irregular stone is used in more informal situations. However, just like any design, there are no rules! We have used informal flagstone patio layouts of some very formal spaces. Our designers will help you through this process.

Installation Options:

There are two ways flagstone can be installed for at grade level applications. A concrete base can be used and the flagstone can be mortared in place or a gravel base can be used and the flagstone can be set in stone dust. Both options provide long term solutions and are low maintenance, yet add a different personality to your landscape. Unsure? Let our designers discuss the pros of each option with you.

Flagstone can surely add accent, appeal, and value to your property. The numerous textures, colors, cuts, and installation options make this an enticing addition to any outdoor space. The versatility of flagstone, along with its individuality, make it an excellent choice for the discerning tastes of any homeowner.