Annual flower beds are a beautiful addition to your landscape. A properly irrigated and fertilized annual flower bed can brighten your property in the summer. However, without the proper care, your annual water beds can become less pleasing to look at. Check out J&J Landscape Management’s tips for watering your annual flower bed, so you can ensure your landscape is flourishing with vibrant colors this summer.

How often should I water my annual flowers?

Annual flower beds should be watered every other day throughout the summer in order to thrive and consistently bloom. This is especially important because annual flower beds present the greatest challenge during periods of drought. The very nature of their growing season means that they do not have an established root system to survive without adequate rainfall.

How much water do annual flower beds need?

Annual flower beds should be provided with about an inch of water each week. Ensure you are providing enough water for the soil to become moist: about two to three inches deep. It is important to provide the proper amount of water so it can absorb into the flower bed.

How do I know when my annual flower bed needs water?

You will know when your annual flower beds need water when the top two to three inches of soil are dry and crumbly or if the flowers begin to wilt. If the topsoil of the annual flower bed is dry, you should immediately water the annual flower bed. A good annual fertilizer, Osmocote Smart Release, will also help the annual flower bed reach full potential.

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