Sod being watered.

Understanding how to water new sod is essential for the care of your landscape. The number one reason why a sod installation is not successful is lack of water. Here are J&J Landscape Management’s tips for how to best water new sod.

How often should you water new sod?

New sod should be watered every two days, ensuring that the soil under the sod gets water. This will encourage proper deep root growth. During the very hot and dry summer months, this watering should be increased to every day. After the sod takes root, which is about two or three weeks, the watering can be reduced to two or three times a week. This will provide about an inch of water per week.

When is the best time to water new sod?

When new sod is laid down, it should be watered within the next thirty minutes. During the first initial weeks while the sod is growing its roots, the best time to water new sod is in the morning or late evening. It is best to avoid watering new sod in the mid afternoon to prevent the water from evaporating in the heat rather than absorbing in the soil.

Can you over water new sod?

Yes, you can over water new sod. Overwatering new sod will prevent the roots from establishing a strong foundation and could cause the grass roots to rot. If you notice your sod is soggy and not absorbing the water you have given it, let the sod dry out until the top of the soil is dry.

After watering your new sod, you should continue to monitor it closely for the first year until the root system has fully developed. For more information on proper sod care and other landscaping tips, contact J&J Landscape Management, Inc.