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Sod Installation Service in & Around Alexandria, Arlington & Fairfax, VA

We'll meticulously install your sod and line it up perfectly to ensure the best results.

If you want to establish a new, beautiful lawn in no time, you've come to the right place! At J&J Landscape Management, we offer our professional sod installation service to residential properties in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, VA, and other nearby areas. Our team will meticulously prepare the area, install your sod, and line everything up perfectly by following a proven process. That way, we ensure the best results. We'll also recommend an ideal watering schedule to help the sod establish its roots in the soil, as it'll still be fragile and will need specialized watering to get stronger. Call us today at (703) 823-2725 to receive an estimate for our sod installation service!

Our Sod Installation Process

Sod installation in Alexandria, VA.

When you sign up for our sod installation service, you can trust that we'll follow a step-by-step process to ensure precision and accuracy. Combine that with our attention to detail and quality standards, and we'll work hard to give you exceptional results. Our sod installation process is as follows:

  1. The first step of our sod installation process is to remove any existing grass and debris from the area to create a clean slate. This way, there are no obstructions or hindrances when laying down the sod.
  2. After clearing the area, we will grade the surface to level it out for a smooth, even foundation and proper drainage.
  3. Once we have prepared the site, we will lay down the sod carefully and accurately. Our team will exercise precision during this step so that the edges line up and there are no gaps.
  4. Next, our team will use a roller to press the sod down and give it good contact with the soil, which is vital for root development.
  5. Finally, we'll thoroughly water your new sod to give it the hydration it needs to start establishing its roots.

We've been establishing new lawns through our sod installation service for 25 years!

We Will Recommend an Ideal Watering Schedule for Your New Sod

Once we have finished installing your new sod, we will recommend an ideal watering schedule for you to follow so that it has the best chance of success. While we'll water it directly following installation, keeping it well-hydrated is essential for helping it develop deep, robust root systems and get stronger.

For two weeks after we install your sod, you'll need to water it multiple times a day in short intervals to keep it moist but avoid flooding it. Then, during weeks 3-4, you can reduce how many times you water it each day but do so for longer; this will give it a deeper watering that helps the roots grow further into the ground. After a month, your sod will have become well-established, meaning you can return to regular watering.

Call us today to schedule our sod installation service!

Our team at J&J Landscape Management offers a sod installation service to help adorn your property with a new lawn instantly. We take pride in providing nothing less than exceptional services that yield equally stellar results, and we will work tirelessly to ensure the same with your sod installation. Our unmatched attention to detail and extensive experience allows us to set up your new lawn for success and give it optimal conditions to establish.

We proudly serve residential property owners in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, VA, and other surrounding communities. Call us today at (703) 823-2725 to schedule our sod installation service!