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Winter Landscaping Service in Alexandria, VA & Surrounding Cities Like Arlington & Fairfax

We can perform various services during the winter including landscape cleanups, mulch installation, plant trimming, and more!

If you want to keep your property looking its best this winter, then look no further than our winter landscaping service! At J&J Landscape Management, we offer a variety of services that are designed to enhance the beauty of your landscape during the winter season, including landscape cleanups, mulch installations, plant trimming, and much more!

We offer this service to residential properties in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and other nearby areas in Virginia. Give us a call today at (703) 823-2725 to sign up for our winter landscaping service!

What services can be included in our winter landscaping service?

While taking care of your property during the winter season isn't something that you might normally think of, it's actually a great season to schedule various landscaping services. At J&J Landscape Management, we can help you keep your landscape in excellent condition throughout the winter with our various winter landscaping services. We can perform a variety of services that will help to keep your landscape in pristine condition until spring arrives, such as:

  • Landscape Cleanups: If your landscape is looking unkempt or overgrown, then our cleanup service is just what you need to restore its pristine appearance.
  • Mulch Installation: Our team will install fresh mulch in your landscape beds to boost their aesthetics and provide health benefits to your plants! Installing mulch in the winter is perfect for protecting your plants from the freezing winter temperatures.
  • Plant Trimming: We can trim any overgrowth on your plants to keep them looking neat and manicured throughout the winter season.
  • Landscape Bed Weed Control: We can remove weeds from your landscape beds so that they can't drag down the curb appeal of your property or steal nutrients and resources from your plants.
  • Landscape Bed Edging: Our team will edge around your landscape beds to give them a clear, defined border.
  • Lawn Fertilization Treatments: We can apply fertilizer treatments to your lawn during the winter to supply it with essential nutrients that power healthy grass growth. We use a slow-release fertilizer for our winter application to provide your turf with a steady supply of nutrients to last all winter long.
  • Lime Treatments: Lime helps balance your soil's pH level and improve nutrient uptake. We can apply a lime treatment to your lawn in the winter to help it absorb everything it needs to flourish.
We have been offering our exceptional services to property owners in and around the Alexandria, VA, area since 1998!

Give us a call today to schedule our winter landscaping service!

Are you ready to take your landscape to the next level this winter? If so, you've come to the right place! At J&J Landscape Management, we can help you enhance the beauty of your landscape during the winter season and help your lawn and landscape stay nice and healthy over the course of the winter so that it emerges in great shape once the spring season rolls around. Whether you're looking to have mulch installed in your landscape beds, want your plants trimmed, or would like your lawn to be fertilized so it has the nutrients it needs to make it through the winter, we can make it happen!

We offer our winter landscaping service to residential property owners in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, VA, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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