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We are now accepting full-service landscape maintenance clients!

Full-Service Landscape Maintenance in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, VA & Surrounding Cities

We provide a comprehensive program that runs from February to December.

Your lawn and landscape are the first things passersby will notice about your property, and our team is here to help keep it looking its best! At J&J Landscape Management, we offer a comprehensive full-service landscape maintenance program to residential properties in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and other surrounding areas in Virginia. This program runs from February to December and includes various high-quality services to handle all your needs, including lawn mowing, lawn care, leaf removal, and more. Call us today at (703) 823-2725 to schedule!

Spring Cleanups

We provide a comprehensive spring cleanup service to spruce up your yard in preparation for the new growing season! This service includes debris cleanup, landscape bed weed removal and edging, plant pruning, and mulch refreshing to help your property get neat and pristine again. While it's available with our full-service landscape maintenance program, you can also schedule it independently.

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We can install mulch to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape beds and keep your plants healthy. We offer natural dark brown shredded hardwood mulch and our experts have the skills and knowledge to install it properly the first time. Our mulching service is available as part of our full-service landscape maintenance program or independently.

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Our team can handle all your gardening needs to keep your landscape beds in great shape. To do this, we'll perform ongoing weeding to keep weeds from stealing valuable nutrients from your plants, pruning and deadheading to bolster their health and promote new growth, and cleanups to keep your beds free of debris. This is offered with our full-service landscape maintenance program or independently.

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Lawn Mowing

We offer a lawn mowing service to keep your grass manicured and at an ideal height throughout the growing season. Our team will visit your property every 7-10 days from April through November. During each visit, we will cut your grass, string-trim hard-to-reach areas, edge along hard surfaces, and blow any debris off your hardscapes for a clean, well-maintained appearance.

We follow ideal mowing practices to keep your lawn healthy, such as rotating our mowing patterns every visit and never cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass blades.
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Lawn Care

We offer a vast array of lawn care services to give your turf everything it needs to thrive. For example, we'll routinely fertilize it to supply valuable nutrients that keep it healthy, plus protect it from invasive weeds with our pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments. We'll also perform aeration to loosen compacted soil and improve resource access to the roots of your grass and overseeding to increase its overall density.

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Leaf Removal

We offer a leaf removal service during the fall to take this dreaded chore off your hands. We'll utilize all the proper equipment to thoroughly clear leaves from your yard and hard surfaces before hauling them away via tarps and our vacuum truck. We commonly perform this service twice, in November and December.

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Trimming & Pruning

We provide a trimming and pruning service to help your plants stay healthy and appealing. We'll trim back overgrown foliage and stray branches to make them look manicured, then prune them when needed to remove damaged, dead, diseased, or insect-infested parts. That way, it doesn't spread to other areas, and your plants can focus on new, fuller growth. You can include this in your full-service landscape maintenance program or schedule it independently.

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Winter Landscape Work

Our crew provides winter landscape work to set up your beds for success during dormancy. We'll clean them up to revitalize their pristine, neat appearance and remove weeds to keep them from causing problems for your plants. Additionally, we'll add fresh mulch to protect them from fluctuating temperatures, plus perform ornamental grass and ground cover cutbacks. This service can be included in our full-service landscape maintenance program, though it's also available independently.

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Call us today to schedule our full-service landscape maintenance program!

It's time to give your property the TLC it deserves - with our full-service landscape maintenance program! From lawn mowing and leaf removal to lawn care - our team at J&J Landscape Management is your one-stop shop for all these and more. We provide these services to residential properties in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, VA, and nearby areas. Call us today at (703) 823-2725 to schedule our full-service landscape maintenance program!

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