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Spring Yard Cleanup Service in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, VA & Surrounding Areas

Our spring cleanups include landscape bed weed control, plant pruning, mulch installation, and more.

As the winter comes to an end and the weather starts to get warmer in the spring, you'll need to start preparing your landscape for the new growing season! That's where our team can help. Here at J&J Landscape Management, we offer a comprehensive spring yard cleanup service that includes landscape bed weed control and maintenance, mulch installation, plant pruning, edging, and debris removal to position your yard for success throughout the year. While this service is available in the spring, you can also take advantage of it no matter the time of the year if your property needs sprucing up.

We offer our spring yard cleanup service to residential properties in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, VA, and nearby areas. If you want to schedule this service, call us today at (703) 823-2725!

What is included in our spring yard cleanups?

Spring is the season of rebirth for your landscape. To ensure it enters the new growing season in tip-top shape, we've designed our spring yard cleanups to include the essential services necessary to spruce it up. Here are the services included in our spring cleanups:

  • Landscape bed weed control: We will remove the weeds from your landscape beds to ensure your plants don't have any competition for nutrients.
  • Landscape bed maintenance: Our crew will remove any debris and leaves from your landscape beds to maintain their pristine condition and ensure your plants can access the resources they need to stay healthy throughout the growing season.
  • Plant pruning: We will prune problematic branches and limbs from your plants to prevent the issue from affecting the healthy parts. This will also allow your plants to divert their energy into bolstering healthier, fuller growth.
  • Mulch installation: Our team will turn and cultivate any remaining mulch in your landscape beds. Then, we will replenish your ground cover with premium shredded hardwood mulch, ensuring a 2 to 3-inch thick layer for optimal benefits.
  • Landscape bed edging: We will restore the sharp, crisp edges of your landscape beds for a cleaner, well-maintained look and to create a distinct separation between them and your lawn.
  • Debris cleanup and removal: Our team will remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from your lawn and any hard surfaces to boost your property's curb appeal.

When should you schedule our spring yard cleanups?

Our spring yard cleanup is a popular service, as it is the best way to get your landscape ready for the new growing season. Because of this, it's best to schedule it as soon as possible to secure your spot and ensure our crew can give your yard everything it needs to be in optimum shape to thrive year-round. However, this service is not limited to the spring. You can also schedule our yard cleanups any time of the year when your landscape looks lackluster and needs some TLC. Just call our team, and we'll be there to give it some freshening up!

We have been cultivating thriving landscapes with our spring yard cleanup service since 1998!

Give our crew a call today to schedule our spring yard cleanup service!

Here at J&J Landscape Management, we offer our spring yard cleanup service to residential properties in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, VA, and surrounding communities. A beautiful, pristine yard is one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal of your property, and our team can handle the cleanup duties to keep it looking its best. Give us a call today at (703) 823-2725 to schedule our spring yard cleanup service.

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