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Retaining Wall Installation in & Around Alexandria, Arlington, & Fairfax, VA

We can build retaining walls from a wide variety of materials like stacked stone and custom masonry.

If you're having issues with drainage, erosion, or improper grading on your property, installing a retaining wall is a great way to help solve those issues. Not only are retaining walls functional but they are also beautiful additions to your outdoor living space! At J&J Landscape Management, we've been building retaining walls since 1998. Our consultation process is extremely thorough to ensure we learn everything there is to know about the problems you'd like to solve on your property. We'll work to blend functionality and beauty with our wide variety of materials such as stacked stone and custom masonry.

Our Retaining Wall Design Process Starts With a Thorough Consultation

The first step in constructing your retaining wall is a consultation. We'll schedule a time that's best for our team to meet you at your property. During this consultation, we gather all the information we need to exceed your expectations for your retaining wall project.

Thorough consultations are extremely important for retaining wall projects because it's likely not just about the design aspect. Retaining walls serve many purposes and, while they are great for adding design elements to your outdoor living space, they are mainly used as a solution to issues like drainage, erosion, and improper grading. Our team will survey your property and figure out exactly what needs to be done to ensure your problems are solved!

Once we decide how to construct your retaining wall to solve your drainage, erosion, and/or grading issues, we'll finish off the consultation by talking about materials and extra design elements like raised planter beds and landscape lighting. We'll land on the perfect design for you and your property, all while staying within your set budget.

There are many landscape lighting techniques that are perfect for illuminating your retaining wall at night!

We'll help you choose the best material for your new retaining wall.

Every retaining wall we build is unique to our customers, not only because of the drainage and erosion problems solved but also because of the materials chosen! For 25 years, our design team has been helping customers choose the best materials to match their style while also helping them stay within their budget. There are many materials that we can use to build your retaining wall, some of which include:

  • Dry Stacked Stone: Choose this option for a rustic look!
  • Pavers: Pavers are durable and offer many color options.
  • Timber: Timber is the perfect solution for a natural design.
  • Custom Masonry: Work with our design team to create a retaining wall that is totally unique to you!

We're ready to help you build your perfect retaining wall. Call us today!

Drainage, erosion, and grading issues can be a big pain and can cause expensive issues later on down the road if they're not addressed. A retaining wall is the perfect solution for these issues! Work with our team to design a retaining wall that fixes your landscaping problems while also adding a beautiful statement piece to your outdoor living space. You can even customize it with eye-catching raised planter beds and landscape lighting techniques to show it off at night!

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